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Film was shot on 2022, Beijing, China

Props made in China (2020)
Production method: food surface coloring
Material: food, acrylic

This project focuses on the current economic operating structure in the Internet digital capitalist, aiming to critically examine on the phenomenon of "homogenization" of choice inthe trend of big data through the attention of software delivery. 

Industrialized food production has made the food production process, from ingredients to cooking and to the delivery platforms, gradually incline to similar patterns. We live in such a capital operation, seemingly with a lot of choices, but in fact are constantly framed by data analysis in repetition. Based on this, I used video to create a digital catering demo app. By producing "rational" food images and creating invisible sound space,  I intend to create a spiritual space that is independent of the work itself and exists in the experiencer. I want to present the complex capital structure behind dietary homogenization.


Video works have been exhibited in 2020, Beijing, China

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