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TYSON (2022)

Combining the unique rhythm and emotion of Tyson's music with the visual art, create a moving but calming atmosphere as the basis for promoting this album. Use moving images to connect art and technology, then create a new grammar that is abstract, geometric, and combines mechanical motions with natural narrative. Starting from a perspective with Tyson's strong personal characteristics, combined with female identity, this fluid, fuzzy yet comfortable aesthetic space is finally formed as an effective tool to promote this album and Tyson's personal brand.


The design of the Logo comes from the cherry that Tyson loves. This is obvious, and I don't want this iconic image to change. However, this is only one aspect. Considering Tyson's music comprehensively, it is full of opportunities and challenges, and at a critical moment on the way to inherit the family business and explore the future, stability and innovation are what I want to express. It can be seen that there are many elements in the whole image: cherry, realistic reduction, slightly stiff posture, fruit label-like logo, and trademark registration label in the upper right corner, these elements together constitute our album logo, presenting a A feeling between the real and the unreal.

Album Font

In terms of fonts, we chose Ogg-light as our standard font. ogg has five weights and ten total fonts. Meanwhile, inspired by the handwritten typefaces of 20th century book designer and calligrapher Oscar Ogg, Ogg captures the unique combination of calligraphic and typographic forms he achieves through the use of hand-carved nibs, brushes and whitening. Unlike Roman, this fusion typeface is unique and more modern, and in our opinion fits the style of our album.

At the same time, the serif font gives a vintage feel and also symbolizes the musical heritage of the Tyson family.

Album Cover

We don't have just one cover, we design covers for every song in this album.  Besides this main cover, our team members also created covers for each song in this album. They are all beautiful and blurry, and seem to form a natural narrative.


They have different images to match the different rhythms or emotions in each song, But they're the same, they look like different parts of a whole, and they all represent Cherry's album and the concept we think it conveys: Combining technology and art, there is also calm in the flow.


As we can see, these album covers are not just static images, they are dynamic, they are fluid and unstable, but we can also feel a sense of calm and harmony in them, which is what we think Tyson's songs are want to convey.

画板 1 副本 10.png
截屏2022-03-17 上午1.10.31.png
截屏2022-03-17 上午2.02.36.png



截屏2022-03-17 下午12.21.53.png

Interactive App

In our conception, the audience for this album should be young people with their own ideas, and they may also have their own understanding of music. So we designed this interactive software, which includes a lot of different visual elements, such as different backgrounds, text and geometric figures; anyone who listened Cherry album can use the elements we provide to make an album cover of their own understanding.

They could post their own cover on Ins and that would be a great way to promote the album.

step 1

Create your album undertones

step 2

Choose your dynamic mod

step 3

Create your text style

step 4

Finish and download your private album art

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