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Photo was shot on November 8, 2022;Materials: linen, natural resin, charcoal, pine oil 

Made by Taliban (2022)

This project is based on the war on terror in Afghanistan. For 20 years, the social Darwinian group has gradually detached itself from the rights conferred by democracy in unrestricted liberalism. Violence-based democratic expansion has not brought prosperity to the United States or to the nations and peoples of war zones. The ruins, the starving refugees, and the collateral damage of the war are constantly manifesting. If the basic principle of democracy is freedom and equality, as John Rawls said in A Theory of Justice, then whether the war on terror itself has become a paradox. Austrian political economist Joseph Schumpeter believed that democracy is a mind, not an end. Does the U.S. withdrawal in 2021 mean that the Western democratic system, which has lost the principle of justice, has completely alienated into the uncontrollable desire of human beings, and has become a utopian democratic fantasy?

Populism flourishing in the post-truth era has become an important way for politicians to maintain legitimate rule. Whether capitalism or socialism, the rise of the Internet has provided the soil for rulers to "manufacture public opinion." From the country to the people, the democratic environment shaped by political correctness is gradually tearing society apart, making it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing international situation. Especially after the September 11 attacks, terrorism has become the political label that the international community has given Afghanistan, and the international sanctions and diplomatic bans imposed on it seem to be the ticket for normal exchanges between democratic countries. And this kind of political manipulation originating from populism is gradually counteracting the ruling stance of the rulers. Direct exchange of interests is replacing traditional diplomatic rhetoric and democratic construction. Political liberalism is undoubtedly revealed in an increasingly open media environment.

Post-truth? Information cocoon room? This project is driven by the spirit of rebellion against a world controlled by the media. Such an "anti-authority" mentality is deliberately publicizing the politics of the minority. Traditional position warfare becomes more straightforward in the face of unforeseen realities. In this regard, given the progressively fragmented ideology, the project is trying to explore how to defend against "discourse hegemony" through heightened subjectivity and apparent irony. At the same time, whether the non-speculative stance can guide and inspire the audience to think new about the world order established after World War II.

Moving Image

*Click here to watch the full video

Made by Taliban (moving image) Shot in London, Turkey (2022)


I used the same charcoal paint as the national flag in the print printing. This irregular touch and non-reproducibility all imply that the lives lost in the war are unique. At the same time, I collected the discarded clothing of the US military after the war in Afghanistan as a medium for printing prints. This gives the work more realism.


President Mountain (engraving) produced in London (2022)
Making method: wooden board mounting
Materials: common combat clothes for the Fourth Army of the U.S. Army, natural resin, charcoal, pine oil

The supreme leader of the Taliban Mountain comes from the President Mountain of the United States. The four presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt Sr. and Lincoln were replaced by the thinking presidents since 9/11—Bush Jr., Obama, Trump, and Biden.

截屏2022-12-15 下午11.34.33.png

Taliban flag (engraving) made in London (2022)
Mounting method: wood board mounting
Materials: General combat uniforms of the Fourth Army of the U.S. Army, natural resin, charcoal, pine oil

截屏2022-12-15 下午11.35.04.png

Bamiyan Buddhas (engraving) made in London (2022)
Mounting method: wood board mounting
Materials: General combat uniforms of the Fourth Army of the U.S. Army, natural resin, charcoal, pine oil

The statues of the Taliban come from the bombed Bamiyan Buddha. As an ideological symbol, the era of the Taliban has arrived.

Charcoal Drawing

In the past 20 years, most of the air strikes of the US military in Afghanistan have been completed by drones. The black-and-white images with flashes are like a war game. Behind the simple images are the casualties of nearly 50,000 Afghan civilians.


Explosion 1 (charcoal drawing) drawn in London (2022)
Painting method: paper painting
Material: Charcoal

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