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I am a London-based graphic designer and photographer with a passion for visual design.


Since entering the field in 2017 after graduating from the Communication University of China, I have gained valuable experience operating a book design studio. As a project planner and craft director, I successfully published Chinese versions of renowned art works such as "The Law of Decoration" and "The Spirit of Art." Through my work in studios and print shops, I have become an expert in print design, specializing in typography, paper selection, and printing processes. These skills are particularly valuable in today's multimedia communication landscape.

During my semester at London College of Communication in 2021, I delved into discussions on various social topics, including the pandemic virus, the Russo-Ukrainian War, and the War on Terror. I expressed my thoughts through photography and documentary production, which led me to establish the "TRIGGER" series of magazines, actively addressing current social issues. Additionally, I engaged in extensive photojournalistic practice covering parades and rallies in the UK, honing my ability to quickly and accurately capture crucial moments of information and conflict.

Overall, I possess a strong confidence in graphic design, particularly in book design, and my photography skills excel in capturing compelling and narrative-driven scenes. I firmly believe that these attributes are of utmost importance in today's narrative-focused era.

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