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Istanbul, a historic city straddling the Eurasian continent, is now the capital of Turkey. Hagia Sophia, a symbol of Islam and Christianity, welcomed the largest number of pilgrims on Eid. The Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and Constantinople have been working hard to maintain their original appearance for centuries and integrate the essence of culture into this magnificent church.

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Photo was shot on March 31, 2022, Istanbul, Türkiye

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Photo was shot on April 2, 2022, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Istanbul

During Eid al-Fitr, believers in Turkey will perform five pilgrimages a day. Especially at night, the time of a pilgrimage will be as long as two hours. At the same time, no food can be eaten after eight o'clock in the evening, which is a double test for the soul and body of the pilgrims.

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Photo was shot on April 6, 2022, Istanbul Airport, Türkiye

Istanbul Airport, a large number of military aircraft parked here. As a famous historical city, Istanbul's strategic location is very important, which has also become an important condition for Turkey's determination to join NATO. However, after the Turkish government, which backfired, lost the contract to import F35 fighter jets from the United States, the number of active military aircraft in the country is gradually decreasing. At the same time, its position is drifting away from NATO.

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