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Film was shot on February 26, 2022, Richmond Park/ Westminster Bridge, England


BEIJA (2022)

How to get out? In the opinion of the art group Pussy Riot, performance should have public significance, and we understand it as the universal value of intervening in public space. This is different from other brands we have analyzed before. We believe that the future development of Beija should not be limited to a solid group that relies on the product itself and a small group of collaborations between brands and artists, but should reach all communities. Go, take on more public responsibilities, and achieve greater brand value.


For this we planned a social event led by us and Beija. We call it "Emancipatory
Delivery." It is an act of delivering private products and actions to all spaces in an open and undifferentiated way. As a full-size, well-established commercial underwear brand, Beija has every reason to participate in the wider space discussion and try to push the boundaries of existing brands.


Delivery (private products and behaviors are publicly and indiscriminately delivered to all spaces)

*It's time for Beija to be socially mobile, as the private blood of public society.
(The public significance of the brand is no longer a niche behavior with artists, but should go directly to all communities)

截屏2022-03-16 下午10.13.27.png

Photo was shot on February 26, 2022, Richmond Park, England

As you can see, the video consists of three parts. Including the outdoor performance section on the left, indoor recordings and outdoor recordings on the right. In general, the performers wear white jumpsuits, and we want to de-gender and de-gender people in this way. At the same time, it highlights the simplicity of Beija's products in the video, and physically places Beija's products in a wider social space and discourse discussion outdoors. At the same time, such an act of intervening in public space has become our breakthrough in Beija's existing business boundaries. window.

In general, our commercial vision is entirely derived from the video recording of this event. Trying to expand Beija's brand possibilities through the most authentic interaction with the public society.

截屏2022-03-15 下午2.09.11.png

Photo was shot on February 26, 2022, Richmond Park, England

Space Design ( Natural )

In this part, I chose Richmond park as our shooting location. I compared the environment in London that is relatively close to the original landform, and tried to start our space discussion with the weakened natural environment as the starting point of the video.

As you can see, there have planned a total of four different scenarios here. Including dry grass, green grass, lakeside and dry woods. This setting also wants to create a connotation of continuous reincarnation of life. After all, underwear is like a user's lifelong partner, breathing with you.


Photo was shot on February 26, 2022, Richmond Park, England

Space Design ( City )

The second part, which echoes the third part. After a conservative discussion in the first part, I decided to place the performers in a virtual and real urban environment. The publicity of the urban environment is in conflict with the privacy to some extent, which corresponds to our discussion on the boundaries of private space and public space. In my opinion, such a narrative is bolder and more direct.

In this part, we first came to London's iconic building, Big Ben. I think places like Westminster Bridge are a strong indicator of Beija's identity as a London-based lingerie brand. So we decided to shoot here.


The way of framing may not be as complicated as imagined. We tied the camera to the cameraman's back with tape. In order to make the scene change more obvious, we decided to let the cameraman ride a bicycle to shoot, so as to capture more visual information in a limited time. 

Content Design

First, I decided to have the performer squeeze the balloon. The soft and transparent characteristics of the balloon can more intuitively reflect the change of space. Balloons are seen here as a representation of the boundary between public and private spaces. At the same time, on this issue, we take more into account the shooting method and the final video presentation effect. The degree of spatial and physical change will be more pronounced.

Second, we collected different people's opinions and feelings about public space and private space. In this part, we converted the emotional language of the respondents into a more graphic form of language expression and compiled it into a poem . We think of poetry as a relatively quiet, yet intense narrative.

Jump, Jump

The war between the private and the public sphere is ongoing

Time and space are no longer subject to order

Empty cognitive boundaries are like cell walls

Ideas are copied

Flesh is expanding

The squeezed air has long since resigned


When the sky is blinded by the sparkle of atoms

The realm of the flesh is no longer sacrosanct

The thought parasitic in the flesh is shaky

Freedom is imprisoned

Boundaries are challenged

You are in your bubble

Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith


When gender boundaries blur

When consciousness is no longer with the flow

Who will rule my body and soul

Who will adorn my limp, blind impulses

The law of duality cleverly maintains gender stability

Freedom of thought gives up acquiescence

Fluid gender, mortal dress

This is the holy light of your introspection


Secret, peaceful

Static, kneaded

Under the turbulent historical prayer

Become a bunch

Swing squeeze without gender bias

Go back to the rough days

Go back to the dreamy no-man's land

Men, women, Non-Binary Identities

Free your nature

Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith

Decide what you wear, it's your brave way

This is your freedom to soothe consciousness

This is your courage to revolutionize again

Sound Design

Third, sound-wise, we didn't do any additional dubbing, but went straight to the urban sounds that we recorded in our outdoor show at Westminster Bridge. We believe that indie dubbing will only keep an already private product alive in the utopian imagination.

Photography Script

Media ( Posters & Social Media )

ins模版1_画板 1.png

Social media is widely used as the most popular form of digital communication, which is a business channel that cannot be ignored. At the same time, the flexibility of social media and the breadth of users can bring more topical discussions to the event we planned for Beija this time.

截屏2022-03-15 下午8.18.55.png
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