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Film was shot on 2022, Beijing, China

In the context of socialism in China, this project analyses the public spontaneous fitness exercise phenomenon, to explore the relationship between political authority and individual will (how the subjective initiative of individuals realize the a valuein collectivist society). Fitness groups in the parks in China have a set of self-exercise methods and beliefs. But such a personal topic has always been covered by the shadow of the government. Is the government really concerned about the health of the people by promoting national fitness? Or is it an atheist attempt to fill the void of faith in the people? My project takes the video as the medium, using performance, text, sound, image and so on many kinds of language forms to present a set of "reasonable" fitness teaching film. I woud like to think about the relationship between politics and individuals in the social and cultural development of the position and existence. 

The project is to explore the relationship between political authority and individual will in the context of Chinese socialism through people’s spontaneous exercise in public places, and how individual subjective initiative can play a role in collectivist society.

Narratage Poem

The crowd is rushing to the hell. The flame has an iron backbone, burning the reflection of the setting sun. The rail is melted by the flaming golden glare, and piles of cargo collapse, and are buried in the everlasting footsteps. The shiny foreheads hold up the smile of confidence on the tower top. The vertical pants rise, leaving flowers along the Chang’an Street. This is the roller coaster driven by human bodies, the limitless amount of food, the malignant sarcoma on the forehead awaiting a surprising miracle.

49 years of crushed claws, once again rushed to the sky under the encouragement of the people, set up a red flag. This is a scientific expectations across the ocean, successively displayed in the eye socket of delicate beauty. All people stretch their fingers, being thankful that God had received the missing tribute. The ground worn by knee is filled with sunlight; thirsty tongue piercing hard hair, stirring the stomach and intestines, rolling air is wrapped up, filling the missing beliefs, enriching the fashionable, progressive pond.

屏幕快照 2019-11-21 上午2.20.39.png
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