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Book design, printing in 2020
Printing method: inkjet printing, plastic binding
Material: matte powder paper

This project focuses on the "redress of grievances" brought about by the ongoing judicial reform in China. I aim to reflect on the current government-led propaganda of "justice" through the analysis of its media non-fiction writing literature. 

While keeping the traditional characteristics of exclusive, investigative and on-the-spot, news writing adds literature and story-telling. This kind of writing is called "non-fiction writing" (a very popular way of writing in Chinese news writing in the past two years). Such a way weakens the direct expression of the author's subjective position and brings emotional resonance to the readers through the detailed description of the story. On the other hand, in the current propaganda of the Chinese government, they do not shy away from "admitting mistakes" about the judicial loopholes in the past. This is to present the current “liberal” judicial structure and political environment through the contrast with the past.


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I decompose the book into volumes according to the structure of the article, while preserving the integrity of the information of the single event, I rewrite the literary words and phrases which have nothing to do with the event itself through personal subjective understanding. By stripping away these literary modifications, this project attempts to analyze the real tragic state behind the writing, and to explore the role of non-fiction writing in maintaining the legitmacy of the official system.


The details in some part of books.

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